Nyotaenhanced Company Limited is a vibrant newly established supplier of high-quality chemicals with Head Office in Geita Tanzania; an office in Katoro, Kakola and Mwakitolyo. Nyotaenhanced Company Limited is a protracted fast-growing phenomenon that came into existence 0n 31 August 2020.

The company has high growth potential of becoming the undisputed leader in supply of commodity chemicals especially to the industrial and mining sectors of Tanzania. Our international network enables us to supply high quality products at most competitive prices and to maintain a reliable and flexible service at all times.

Our commitment to Total Quality Management is a philosophy that extends to all facets of our operations. ISO Standards will drive our quality program and we are poised for accreditation from the International Standards Organizations. We have a client base that spans the Lake zone of Tanzania, we are supplying to mostly Geita region, Shinyanga region, Mwanza and Mara regions.

Our client base is ever expanding as we continue to forge new partnerships and develop new products. Our specialty fields include the Mining and Industrial chemicals. The company was granted GCLA Licences for three areas Katoro, Kakola and Mwakitolyo in December 2021.

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